Chichen Itza – A Remembrance

During my honeymoon to Cancun, I scheduled an excursion to Chichen Itza. I knew the moment my husband said we could leave the country for our honeymoon to Mexico that Chichen Itza was the place I had to visit. The reason being, I had a past life come through last year of myself as a goddess stationed at ChichenItza with my husband a shapeshifting panther to assist the civilization there with standing on their own two feet. For example, assist them with cultivating the land, inventing tools and technology, and finding new ways to perform their work and getting their crops to grow. In addition, we were there to help them stay connected to the cosmos and supplying them with divine energy to get their culture moving and evolving. During this past life, I remembered why my partner and I had to leave that area of the realm. One of the main reasons was because some people of the village were becoming to reliant on us to do all their work, give them all the answers, and for us to use our powers to correct their mistakes rather than them learning how to use their gifts to correct issues. Rather than be grateful that we were there assisting them, they started to become hostile, disrespectful, and unruly towards us. The last straw was when a group of men approached me at the foot of the pyramid aggressively. As if I was just some regular ol’ human woman and not a goddess that shapeshifts into a feathered serpent dragon and as if my partner isn’t a huge panther right by my side guarding me. I knew in that moment that it was time for us to leave. Not only leave but take all our tech and our energy source with us. Disrespect will not be tolerated! So, one of the main things the tour guides kept mentioning is that no one knows why this civilization just up and left, but I do. Because I left and took our energy source with us. They bit the hand that fed them and that was the consequence and to no longer have direct access to me, the goddess that was assigned to nurture and cultivate them into being on their own.

When we finally made it to Chichen Itza and I saw the pyramid with my own eyes and own senses for the first time, the experience I felt was familiarity. I knew this place, the energy was dead there but the remnants still lived in the soil, stones and trees. I also had a moment of being pissed off due to seeing all the vendors set up on the grounds. Took me mentally to the story in the bible when the Christ flipped his shit in the temple after he saw a market set up in it. I was so angry I wanted to flip over tables for the disrespect they were displaying on these sacred grounds. The sights were amazing but as I stated there was no energy flowing in this place. And when I make this statement, I’m speaking to the energy source that use to be under the ground. The true pyramid that was on a different interdimensional plane and was 3 times the size of the pyramid on the surface.

Another remembrance that occurred while there is when we were walking over to the temple to the left of the pyramid. Before my husband walked all the way to the plaque that states what the different ruins are and you see a drawing assuming what the ruin use to look like intact, I knew it was the Priestess Temple. I remembered the doorways and a burst of energy came to me as a wave from the building that initiated this remembrance. Even though, the plaque claims that priest were housed in the temple but the statues of feminine beings on the side of the temple stated otherwise. The plaque stated that the column ruins were originally carved warriors, and they were there as protection for the temple. Yeah, protection for the priestesses that lived in the temple. All these ancient cultures were matriarchal ruled by women and governed by men.

Another remembrance I had was when me and my husband were walking back towards the temple and pyramid from venturing off to the rear of the plaza. As we’re walking, I had a flashback of myself in my mind’s eye wearing a long white dress with a thick beaded collar with brown sandals on. As I’m walking, someone is beside me fanning me with this huge palm leaf fan to keep me cool because it was so hot and humid. And that heat and humidity is what triggered this memory. The heat during this flashback was the same heat I was experiencing at that moment. In that moment I felt powerful and import and what I was thinking about started to bled into my current mind. In the flashback, I was thinking about a dilemma and how to resolve it. Don’t know if I was my goddess self, a high priestess or royalty, but definitely of importance.

While on this trip, I wanted my own Ixchel statue and I got one. A beautiful black obsidian sculpture to assist me with fertility as well. When I got back to the states I cleared her and wanted to consecrate her in divine mother energy. So I took her with me to a full ceremony and did she turn up and turn out. Checkout the photos and see what happened!


After experiencing what I did at Chichen Itza, I can’t wait to go to Egypt and let me energetics awaken and interact with the different temples, pyramids and the Nile.

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