Alien Parasites

I had an odd dream Monday night. It was definitely an insightful dream, relaying information to me on a type of parasitical organism but still odd. The dream’s setting was in my home, but it wasn’t the home I live in now. There were kittens in a back room, and I believe I saw 3 of them. In this house, I had 2 bathtubs next to each other but in separate rooms. Gave me the vibe of a science lab within the home. The bathtub on the left had really big seashells in it that weren’t moving. I thought the shells were empty and singular like the ones you see on the beach, but they were intact like the clam shells.

Clam Shell

In the dream I don’t know who I was talking to because never once did I “see”anyone else in the rooms with me. But I would say out loud “watch this” and I would start to take a shell from the tub in the room on the left and placing it in the tub in the room on the right. The shell was closed when I put it in the tub, then I would observe it and a few seconds later the shell starts opening and closing like on attack mode moving around the tub. Then I would take an opened shell from the tub on the left and place it in the tub on the right and the same thing would happen. The shell would start opening and closing like in attack mode swimming around the tub. Then I added one more shell from the tub on the left and put it in the tub on the right and like clockwork, the shell would start opening and closing swimming around the tub.

Then as I’m standing there observing the shells activities, a kitten walks up and rubs against my ankle. I pick up the kitten and say out loud “watch this” and I put the kitten in the tub with the shells. As the kitten starts meowing and swimming around the tub, the shells start swimming towards the kitten and clamping at it. The kitten starts meowing but then stops and starts swimming around with the shells as if no longer scared and in tune with the shells. So, I go and pick the kitten up out the tub and as I go to put it down another kitten was in the room by me and I didn’t know it. As I’m bending down to put the wet kitten on the floor, I accidentally put it on top of the other kitten. Instantly the wet kitten turned into a jelly-like creature and absorbed onto the other kitten. The jelly kitten’s body became transparent, but you can see red and black veins in the transparency. But just the kitten’s body was transparent, the head stayed normal. The normal kitten started to meow real loud then stopped as if it now became in tune with the jelly kitten, then ran off with this jelly like creature on its body. While all of this is going on, I’m going in between different points of view and knowing that this jelly-like creature is an extraterrestrial parasite.

A Comb Jelly. Parasite looked like this but with red fiber like tentacles

As I walk out of the bathroom, I feel a tingle on my ankle and look down to see a jelly-like creature stuck to my ankle. I knew it was trying to absorb into me, so I panicked and peeled it off. When I started to lift the creature off my ankle, I noticed a black hole under where it created a suction to my ankle. When I start to pull the creature off, I then notice its tentacles were camouflaged to the color and pattern of my skin so I didn’t notice them at all. As I’m pulling the creature off, the tentacles change to their true form and color, which were very long, thin red fiber-like tentacles. When I finally get the creature off of me and the tentacles pulled off, I noticed the tentacles left black spores on my skin, so I start trying to rub them off and out of my skin. I had a sense that they were going to absorb into my skin and germinate into those jelly-like creatures, because that’s how they reproduce within the body and spread to other hosts. As I’m dangling the parasite in the air I wonder if I put salt on it would it dry up and die. But before I could try it out I began to come out of the dream.

I do remember having a short stint of panic when the creature was on me but other than that, no other type of fear or panic was felt throughout this dream. The overall sense I got from the dream was that I was made aware to there being extraterrestrial parasitical organisms that are on our planet that have completely absorbed into our society. They’ve cloaked their spore-forming jelly-like parasites into a form that we don’t pay much attention to, within seashells. The parasite lives in ocean shells than attach itself to a host as seen with the bathtub experiments. The parasites relayed information and got orders from a higher ranking being within the hive its linked to. The whole vibe of the creature reminded me of the alien parasite that was in the movie The Faculty with Usher in it. That ET parasite would take over the person’s body and become one with the Queen of the hive.

Parasite from The Faculty

There are so many things in this universe that wants to force their control over us. Dominance and conquer is all they know. You got to stay aware and vigilant in protecting yourself and your energy.

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