It Was Real All This Time

I had a very revealing dream last night that I’m going to share. I have dreams where I go back to places, cities and houses that never change and the scenario around those places typically stay the same as well. For example, the house I lived in when I was in high school, I go to it in my dreams sometimes and everything in it and around it is always the same. In another dream, I own a house that I can’t sell and its fallen apart. The ceiling has holes, exposed wood beams and water damage from leaking pipes in the ceiling. The walls have water damage and is sagging. The shower I use doesn’t work right and I always have to stand to the left in the shower to get the water pressure to come out just right, but the left of the shower is the curtain, so majority of the shower is spraying out and on to the floor. The house is humongous, and I have rooms in other parts of the house that aren’t older or have any issues at all. Always in this dream I can’t sell the house and I’m living in it trying to make things work till it does sell.

Now, I have another dream place I go to that is the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding cities but it’s different. There is a bridge over a waterway, but the waterway is huge and very wide. This bridge is always the bridge I take to get downtown. There are other bridges but I never take those. The exits off the right side of this bridge always go to the same places within downtown and the far left exit off the bridge takes you to the wilderness on the other side of the Squirrel Hill tunnel. The main street downtown is Penn Ave and its very busy with people and has multiple shops that sell clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, kid’s clothes and so on. But for some reason when you travel this street upward out of the city it takes you through Wilkinsburg directly to Forest Hills, a suburb in real life Pittsburgh which is like 10 – 15 minutes outside of Pittsburgh. This part of Penn Ave in my dream, there are side streets that take you directly to a rural area and another street that takes you deeper into Wilkinsburg and further up Penn Ave there are side streets that take you to different areas within Forest Hills. As I stated the shops along this Penn Ave in the dream are always the same and the food places are always the same. The shops are like “hood” stores where they have off brand clothes hung up all over the wall, racks in the middle of the store are overstocked and cluttered, the display counters contain fake bling jewelry, shoes and shoe boxes stacked up along the aisles and so on. The street is reminisced of Penn Ave in East Liberty before it was gentrified.

Last night in my dream I was on this Penn Ave and guess what……it was gentrified! All the hood shops were gone and were now coffee shops, cafes, and boutiques. The hustle and bustle of people that normally would be walking up and down the street and hanging on the block were gone. I stopped a guy while walking the street to ask him for the location of a store that used to be where I was standing, and he tells me it’s gone now. Then he says some landmark place that the street was known for was now turned into a church. Now that I’m awake I can’t remember the name of the landmark place but in the dream I recognized the name and remembered it, but I was also aware to the fact that it had been a minute since I’ve dreamed this “dream” Pittsburgh and Penn Ave. I actually recognized the time lapse since I last been in this dream place. So, in the dream when he told me this I was in shock and didn’t believe him. As I was walking towards that landmark place he mentioned, the memory of it was in the back of my mind. When I get to it, I’m thrown back while looking at the outside and its painted an olive green color over the old red brick, the edges of the building are now painted to look like black trim, and there’s hanging plants along where the entrance used to be and a “Amplify Church” sign is now hanging where the entrance was with huge store front windows in its place. To emphasize how mind blowing this was in my dream, Amplify Church is a real church in the “real” Pittsburgh area. While dreaming it hits me………all this time I was thinking this “place” was a dream that I would have every now and then and it wasn’t. I was actually going to a real place that exists! I’ve been going to a Pittsburgh on a different timeline or dimension. And this “dream” Pittsburgh’s Penn Ave was now gentrified like the Penn Ave in the “real” Pittsburgh I’m in when I’m in my waking state. I became aware or conscious to this while dreaming!

It didn’t hit me till today to question, how am I able to go back to places if they are just a dream? Back to places that have the same people I interact with, the same situations, I do the same routines as if I was awake, such as going to work, drinking tea every morning and driving the same roads to work like I do in my waking state. In these dream places, I’m always dealing with the same stuff, like with that house I can’t sell. The last time I had the “can’t sell my house” dream, it had been so long since it hasn’t sold the kitchen was remodeled. I recognized that it was remodeled in my dream and the ceiling that was always sagging and dripping water was repaired, but in the back of mind in the dream I recognized the time lapse but there wasn’t an “in dream” realization like with the Penn Ave gentrification.

I know that we go other places when we go to sleep, whether its astral traveling or our consciousness going to different dimensions and timelines. I read about it in books, I know I experienced it and some dreams I’m able to remember and I write them down. I tell myself all the time to look at my dreams as actual things that are happening to me. But to actually realize and become aware while still dreaming is always a wake-up call to how things really are. To me it’s like reading about tigers, my favorite animal, and researching them to learn all you can about them, but seeing one in real life with your own 2 eyes is a totally different experience. You realize in that moment they aren’t just something you read about or see pictures of on the internet, they are real living, breathing majestic animals.

There is no sleep and awake or life and death, just blurred lines between different states of being. When you sleep you are only resting the body, the vessel that houses your energy aka spirit and soul. The spirit and soul doesn’t need sleep, so while your body sleeps the spirit and soul can then go interact with its other bodies and vessels its connected to aka your other selves. For example, your body is made up of gazillion cells, all those cells are connected to create your organs and body, but these cells aren’t all the same. You have hair cells, eye cells, nail cells, heart cells, lung cells, skin cells and so on. Even the skin cells differentiate into different types of skin cells. You have the bottom of your feet cells, the top of your feet cells, your toenail cells, the cells that make up your blood vessels in your feet and so on. All those cells still have the same energy, your spirit and soul, flowing through them. Now with this picture of all these different cells in mind, see that on a macro scale of “as above, so below”. You have other you’s on different timelines, dimensions, galaxies, and multiverses. The different feet cells scenario is comparative to you being on different timelines. You on different branches of timelines when put together creates the whole you, just like those different cells within the foot creates the whole foot. Just like source or the all-knowing goddess/god is connected to all, you on a micro scale is connected to all the versions of you on different timelines and dimensions. The awareness of it is one of the purposes of “raising your consciousness” to become aware to all of who you are and where you are.

Every fork in the road of decision making can put you on a different timeline. Hence, why people get déjà vus, feeling like they’ve done something before or a moment in time feels familiar to them even though they know they didn’t do or say what was happening in that moment. You are picking up aka becoming aware to your other timeline selves and their decisions. I think once we become aware to these different timelines via “dreams” or deja vus, we will accept the unknown and what has been taught to us about dreams since we were children was completely false.

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