Finally Seeing Through the Veils

The Goddess Circle is one of the sources I refer to for guidance and understanding ever since I had my spiritual awakening. I don’t remember how I came across this page on Facebook but I was searching for a place to feel comfortable finding answers to life questions and exploring my gifts.

After reading the below post, it was the cherry to the sundae of the past couple of weeks I’ve been having; specifically last week. “We have been seeing in our lives the sticky bits rising, the sore spots, the wounds, the things from the basement that want and need to be seen. We have been coming face to face with what we want to peel away once and for all.” This statement from the post right here, OH MY GOD! I’m a visual person and when I read that I saw tar rising through the “cracks” of me. Those painful hidden things began rising in me, picking and prodding and eventually put me in the hospital trying to come to the surface. But finally it was revealed to me this week what has been plaguing me or should I say parasitize me my whole entire life. I’m a great energy source for narcissistic people. I have had 5 narcissistic relationships that I can think of, 1 intimate one with a narcissistic sociopath who was my ex-husband that has left some painful scars. To be honest I don’t even know how bad the childhood and friendship narcissistic relationships have damaged me because my mental blocks and defenses won’t let me or even a trained trauma therapist for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) access those memories.

The flow of information and knowledge to me since I started on this journey has revealed a lot, some positive and now some negative. Early in my journey I learned that I’m a highly sensitive person, a very strong Empath. But unfortunately, that’s why I’m such a great source of energy for narcissists. Now, that I finally know the positive and negative attributes to myself, I can start truly healing and learning about myself in those relationships and how it wasn’t my fault and hopefully lose the guilt weight. I’m grateful for both the positive and negative, the light and the dark parts of me. I accept them both because they both have made me who I am and more importantly, who I will become.


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  1. mritz99 says:


    I came across your blog today searching for answers. I have been on this spiritual journey for a few months now after my husband and I up and left our home in the USA to Albania not sure what we’d find. I’ve learned so much so far. The tar rising out of your cracks is the stage I’m in. Also the “funk” and discovering I’m a very strong empath with no idea what that truly means or how to go from here. Every day is over analyzed and I can’t seem to quite understand who I am anymore because everything I used to know that was put on me as a child, or by societal standards isn’t relevant, it doesn’t matter and it’s all distractions. Anyways, your post compelled me to reach out since everything you write is exactly word for word how I would describe it or interest me to look into more. I’ll be following along and am really appreciative for your honesty and time you put into this.



    1. The so called dark night of the soul you’re going through will pass but while your in it examine everything. So you can better understand who you truly are. Please check out my other blogs and I hope they can help you. Thanks


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