True Love

Love is a choice not a feeling. Those butterflies in your stomach from a love interest may not be a “loving” feeling but actually anxiety and fear. I always had issues with my feelings. I was actually called a robot by a former therapist because my emotional response wasn’t normal according to her. I would…

Love Spell

Being apart of several “witchy” groups, I’ve noticed the main thing girls in these groups want to do is cast love spells on guys. Or hex or curse a guy that hurt them but that’s a subject for another blog. I can admit that I’ve never wanted to “cast” a love spell, mainly because I…

Higher Heart – Amoraea Flame

Before you can activate your higher heart, you must:❤️activate, release and clear out your baggage in your 7 body chakras🧡work within your shadow self to dissolve your fears, traumas, etc. so you can develop a loving relationship with yourself. Literally start loving you and all that you are; the good, the bad and the ugly….

Introduction to the Complacent Journey

The word complacency means pleased with oneself and I truly feel that this fits where I am in my life. That’s why I choose it to define my blog personality. I’m not perfect and neither is my life but I’m starting to be okay with the idea of stumbling around and learning as I go….