Be A Different Type of Mom

My middle son has always been super active. He liked to flip off of things, jump into pools, run his fastest every where he went and talk about how fast he is. So, at 7 yrs old I put him in track to give him the opportunity to show people how fast he really was….

“The Book of You“

I know one thing I use to always wonder about, even before I stepped onto my spiritual path, was my purpose. Why was I here? I remember having this question in my head when I was kid in elementary school, because school was hard for me. I didn’t fit in and I wasn’t interested in…

Planetary Triggers and Eclipse Season

Partial solar eclipse was 10/25 and the upcoming lunar eclipse is 11/8. A great watch to gain a better understanding on how these enter will affect you and those around you.

The Galactic Talk and The Cosmic Owl….. Scorpios!

I wrote the blog Your Spiritual Team last year and one of the businesses I acknowledge in the blog is The Cosmic Owl. Courtney is a great astrologer and has great insight and delivery when she relays information she sees in your charts. Last night I was honored with introducing her on The Galactic Talk…

2017 Sap Moon: March 12th Full Moon

Please read this article: Sap Moon: Clarity, Planning & Moving Forward. I’m an empath and deeply affected by nature and energy. Energy giving off by people, places, animals, things, etc. I will go into more detail about that later because I’m still learning about this aspect of myself. But now knowing about how these energies affect…