My name is Christina and I’m a scatterbrain. My thoughts and opinions can be all over the place, unorthodox and should only be whispers amongst the stars but I always mean well. My mind is always working, problem-solving, and asking why. Insomnia plagues me on occasion because I can’t get my mind to stop wondering, thinking, and solving any problem that pops into my head. At least once a week I get esoteric downloads that answer some of my many questions. Most of the time I get info I don’t know what to do with it, so I hoard it until the reason arises. I don’t fall asleep most days, I past out from pure exhaustion.

From a very young age I’ve experienced a lot of things you can categorize as good, bad, humbling and supernatural. Gratefully, I’ve made it through them all in one piece, well on the outside at least. Through those life experiences, I was awakening to the truth about myself. I Am that I Am. An energy beyond this world and not original to this planet or this universe. Chosen to be here at this time to enlighten and activate when the time was right. I Am Ancient, I Am Divine Radiance.

I’ve found being able to share my occult and otherworldly knowledge and wisdom with others as a great coping and healing mechanism, and to help lighten my mental load. In addition, create an outlet to release my thoughts and informative downloads for others to use. Hopefully, while on this journey called life I will be able to make other people feel comfortable knowing that someone else thinks like them or shares similar opinions. From these blogs, I hope to open minds to a new way of thinking, seeing the truth regarding this world and universe. Red pill❤️ or Blue pill💙

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