The Flip

While connecting with my Mayan ancestors, I was given some info via channeling on October 26, 2022 that I’ve been sitting on. More so because I didn’t know if I should share it but also because I get so busy in the 3D I forgot about it. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been opening my journal up to read pass entries and I keep opening up to this particular channeled information. Then yesterday, I was watching an interview via the YouTube channel BlackMagick363 with Fleurburn and I just got a hit that it’s time to release my info and to stop sitting on it.

So, one of the topics they were discussing during this interview was on the flip of energies that is occurring right now. This flip has to deal with what many are talking about as the pole shift. I’ve come across many people speaking on the pole shift as being an actual flipping of the earth’s north and south poles, others say it’s a flip of masculine and feminine energies in power and others as a flip of bottoms and tops. From the information I got from my channel session, the flip has to deal with polarities switching. 

How it was explained to me, “The Reset” and “The Flip” that is occurring right now is all energetic polarities. The polarities being masculine and feminine, good and evil, male and female, poor and rich and so on. I was strictly told that this isn’t an actual pole shift of Earth’s north and south poles because north and south is subjective, and directions aren’t really what we’ve been taught. When there are multiple levels and dimensions to things, how can you pinpoint a starting point of up, down, north, south, east and west. So, I was told that we are in the mist of the reset before the actual flip and how this was explained to me, they referenced the DNA spiral. The DNA helix aka spiral isn’t just how our genetic material forms, it’s also how the entire universe moves. As above, so below and all that has motion moves the same way. I was told that the reason the universe moves in this spiral shape is to maintain balance.

Planetary system movement through the universe
DNA Helix

To help pull this channeled information into understanding, let me take a detour to explain what has been revealed to me about “Creation”. I have spoken on this before and you can actually find an interview I did about this subject via this link. When Divine Source decided it wanted to experience, it did so by putting separation between itself and its “Creation”, then divided the “Creation” into 3 energies. These 3 “Creation” energies maintain the creation process by allowing the cycle aka “Spiral of Life” to stay operational. The 3 energies that were divided from “Creation” can be thought of as Beginning, Middle and End or Create/Birth, Maintain/ Neutral, and Destruction/Death. You can reference this “Creation” process to the life of a human being on a graph. The beginning stage is the uphill stage of a graph when the joining of an egg and sperm occurs to create an embryo that will develop into a baby that will continue to grow and develop till age 18 for girls and age 25 for boys. The middle stage is the plateau stage of a graph where adulthood begins till the body starts to decline in function. The end stage is the downhill stage of a graph when the body starts to slowly loose its function up till the soul transitions because the body has died. Now, all the energies within the universe are polarities that move in and out of the “space or energy of neutrality” to help maintain balance between the polarities. How it was explained to me on why Divine Source created these energies to operate in this manner is, so everything gets to experience All just as it is and everything gets its time on the highs and lows of the pendulum swing, which is the Universal Law of Rhythm.

Law of Rhythm – the pendulum swing of high and lows due to life’s movement being similar to a frequency wave.

Now, that you have some background info and an image of what the “Creation” process looks like here is what was told to me during the channeling. The Spiral of Life is positive on one strand and negative on the other strand. The middle point where the strands connect or cross is the neutral point and at that point the strands are reset. But it’s not like positive then becomes negative and vice versa, its more so if positive was the strand on top, then at reset that strand would leave the reset traveling towards the bottom of the spiral. So, positive would now be on the bottom and the negative strand would leave the reset traveling towards the top of the spiral aka The Flip. So, when the strands move towards reconnecting at the neutral point that is what people are calling “The Reset” and when the strands travel out of the neutral point and start moving in opposite directions that is “The Flip”. Even though I’m speaking of positive and negative as strands, please remember that what I’m really speaking on is energy. So, all in the universe that is associated with the positive energy strand will follow the movement of the that strand and so on for all in the universe that is associated with the negative energy strand. At this moment, the USA has been on top, men/patriarchy have been on top, the wealthy have been on top, and certain races have been on top, so you can connect them to the positive energy strand. Also at this moment, 3rd world countries have been on the bottom, women/matriarchy have been on the bottom, the poor have been on the bottom and certain races have been on the bottom, so you can connect them to the negative energy strand. So, at the flip the ones on top will become the bottom and the ones on the bottom will become the top.

Some of the 10/26/2022 channeled info from my journal while connecting to my Mayan ancestors.

I was also told that the flip occurs every 36,800 years and the move towards the neutral point aka The Reset is happening now, but the actual flip won’t occur till 2029. Now, time is subjective and certain beings are always messing with time, but for that particular information to be relayed to me I had to share it. So, with so many speaking on this reset and flip, many do not understand that our time isn’t the same as the universe’s time. Yes, many are coming into knowledge of this info but that doesn’t mean this is going to occur “quickly”. The Reset isn’t happening tomorrow then The Flip the next day. It’s a process, it’s a motion that must follow its flow and it happens on its own timing, not on human’s timing who always want things to be instant or right away.


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