Be A Different Type of Mom

My middle son has always been super active. He liked to flip off of things, jump into pools, run his fastest every where he went and talk about how fast he is. So, at 7 yrs old I put him in track to give him the opportunity to show people how fast he really was. At his very first track meet he blew me, the coaches and his team mates away when he dominated the 400m in the freezing rain. It was one of my proud momma moments, because my son really was fast. My son went on to run track for 3 more years till COVID shut everything down. His final race was him making it to Regionals and coming in 4th in the 400m out of kids from Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Then the track season was cancelled for 2 years and when it was time he could start running again he kept saying he didn’t want to, which was really odd to me.

In 2022, I got a natal birth chart reading done for him, so I could better understand him. My middle son is very different in his intelligence, the way he thinks and his emotional nature. It’s very hard to read him at times, even though he’s typically very silly. Plus he has anger issues, is very stubborn and me-focused. All reflections of him being an Aries for sure! My son also has dyslexia, which plays a huge role on him being an introvert and his excuse for shutting down and not putting his all into things. His confident has been shot since 4th grade when his dyslexia really started to set him apart from his peers in the classroom. His reading and math wasn’t at the same level, so he had to get an IEP and special circumstances put in place to assistance him in school. Rather than accept the help he refused it and would even become combative with teachers to do things on his own.

The main reason I wanted to get my son’s birth chart professionally read is so I could understand him, better prepare him for life and help him navigate the karmas and challenges he has to face while he’s here. And I’m so glad I had enough sense to get this done, especially with him starting his teenage years. One of the aspects I learned about him via his chart reading is that he has Mercury in Taurus, which Mercury represents how a person thinks and communicates. So, even though his Sun is Aries, that’s the mask he wears, the personality that everyone thinks he is. But his Mercury is how he really is underneath the Aries facade. So, that stubbornness I mentioned earlier, that’s where it comes from. But fortunately because he is a Sun Aries, his personality and the fire in him will eventually move him out of his stubborn ways. He also has great alignments for success and fame, but the karmas and daddy issues he has to defeat will put fear in him when it comes to him obtaining success in sports, modeling, academics, etc.

Getting his birth chart read and now knowing this information was one thing, but putting it to use was going to be something completely different. But the perfect opportunity was presented when it was time to enroll him in middle school track. All winter we talked about him running again and he seemed excited to get back at it. But 2 weeks before practice started, all hell broke loose! This boy was being extra mean to me every time I brought track up and now saying he wasn’t running. Was even super mean to his older brother when he would try to pep talk him. He was stuck on being ridiculously mean to get out of going to practice the next week. He was so mean to everyone, I ended up leaving him at home when my mother invited us out for Sunday breakfast. Even caused a huge scene at Dick’s Sporting Goods over running shoes. Absolutely refused to try anything on and when I would give him a pair he would push them away. Now, I have grown A LOT as a parent and I’ve calmed down my flipping and cussing my children out when they anger me. My parenting style has definitely matured since they were first born and I’m a lot more patient with them, because I operate from a place of Observer. Which as an empath, helps me to not only put myself in their shoes but to observe the situation from a higher perspective aka god’s point of view. BUT….this dude was being beyond disrespectful and I flipped out on him at the store so loud EVERYONE heard it! We ended up leaving the store with the shoes I picked out that he had no say-so on. Then, Sunday night I walked in his room and in an authoritative monotone voice I told him “You better stay after school tomorrow and go to track practice. Don’t you be home when I get home from work. I don’t think you wanna try me, so fuck around and find out”. His face at that moment confirmed for me that he understood my seriousness and his shock that now he had a choice to make. Then I gave him a smile and walked away.

See, I record all my readings and I went back and listened to his birth chart reading the week prior. So I knew that his stubbornness could dissipate if I lit a fire under his butt. Also, I was reminded that he has a fear of success, which I can relate to. My son is very good at track and he has countless medals to show for it, so him acting out to try to get out of running was a direct correlation to his fear of success. So I had to push him through it and have him face it head on. And guess what… worked! My son is killing the game in track right now. He was actually pulled to the side along with some other students by the coach for a separate meeting on Monday. Basically, acknowledging how good they’ve been this season, that they are the best on the team and will be moving pass the regular season to additional invitational meets. When he told me that, I stopped the car, turned down the radio and looked directly at him and said, “That’s funny. Aren’t you the same kid that was fighting me on running track this year?” He just looked at me, smiled and replied “Yeah, my bad.”

Being a different type of mom, I walk this realm knowing that we all have a path and a destiny that isn’t hidden from us and there are tools to access them. These tools can be used to help us be better parents. Knowing that the “Book of You” aka your natal birth chart contains everything a person needs to know to learn their purpose, their karmas, their challenges and future potential, why not use that information to help our children be the best that they can be. Because, if I didn’t learn how my son truly operates and the challenges he has to overcome, I would have given in and felt terrible for pushing him based on his hissy fits and mean behavior. Best believe I wanted to, because I would be the one driving him around, taking off of work to make his meets and coming up with the money to get him running shoes, track spikes and anything else he needed. Why would I want to do that for an ungrateful child? But knowing his actions was based on his fear of success, I had to push him. So, be a different type of mom/parent and get your children’s natal birth charts professionally read, so you can be better equipped to assist them and yourself through the pains of growing up on this realm.


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