Baby Theme…Elephants

Congratulations to me and my hubby! We are 6 months pregnant with our son! A major feet within itself due to having several miscarriages, but that story will be for another blog soon. But this blog is about the messages I’ve been receiving from the Orishas and ancestors.

My son is special and I’m not just saying that because every parent thinks they’re child is. My son was prophesize to me before he was even conceived. He’s coming from an ancient realm and will be bringing in energies, powers and philosophies that have never been heard of on the Earth realm to date. His way of thinking and cosmic knowledge will be ancient to him but will be brand new to us. He will be of an ancient priesthood and cosmic lineage that I’m apart of as well.

So when I was told this by others and by my son himself, I tried to keep my cool. Tried not to get into ego or even fear, because new and challenging ideals are always hated even killed by the controllers of this realm. I have carried on with my pregnancy as usual and I try not to dwell on the overall importance of this being I’ll be birthing. But every now and then I’m reminded of his importance.

For starters, me and my husband talked about what the “theme” of the baby will be. For example, my daughter was pandas, so I bought a lot of panda toys and clothes for her. My second son was Tigger, so I bought him a lot of orange colored clothes, play pen, car seat and Tigger toys. So, for our son my husband says elephants and I was surprised, because I’ve never heard my husband talk about elephants before so I never knew he liked them. So, one day while out shopping we see this display at Walmart with elephant themed sheets, blankets, cuddle buddies and so on and he buys everything. It was now official, the baby’s theme was elephants.

Now, I don’t know how many days or weeks after this shopping trip I have a “dream” where I’m apart of a ritual where I’m given black and red elekes and green and yellow elekes. I wake up not remembering what the dream or ritual was for but me given those beads stayed with me. Days go by and every now and then the imagery of me receiving those beads pops into my head. So, I do some research like I always do when I have questions after a dream or mediation and learn that the green and yellow beads are the Orisha Orula/Orunmila, who is the Orisha of Wisdom and Divination. I already knew the black and red beads is the Orisha Elegba/Elegua. So, I reach out to my baba to ask him his thoughts on the dream and the info he shares with me was eye opening.

Elegba Elekes
Orula/Orunmila Elekes

Here’s info I learned while researching the significance of Elegba and Orula. Elegua: Orula’s Messenger – Orula and Elegua‘s partnership is essential as Elegua serves as the messenger and mediator between Orula and other Orishas. Elegua ensures that Orula’s messages are received by the appropriate parties. Elegua’s association with crossroads makes him the ideal intermediary for Orula’s messages, as they are believed to be places where different dimensions and energies intersect, allowing Elegua to ensure Orula’s messages are received by those who need them most.

My baba tells me that the Orisha Orula works with only male priest, so me receiving these beads are more than likely for my husband. Possibly, I’m getting his messages to share this info with him. To be honest, I was ok with that info and told my husband about the dream and this message possibly being his. But coming across some further information now has me wondering if the beads and the message of priesthood isn’t my sons. Because while ordering some items for our ancestor altar and getting materials for our egun stick, I came across an Ifa elephant mug on the site I was ordering from. It was like a bell went off in my head telling me to follow this elephant bread crumb. So, I do and learn that elephants are associated with Orula and came across several different drawings, statues and beads that were green, yellow and contained elephants. This was too much of a coincidence to just ignore.

Ifa mug with an elephant from the website
An image of the elephant associated with green and yellow Orula beads

So, the next steps is getting a reading to get these finding’s straightened out so I can better prepare for this unique and gifted being I will be birthing into material.


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