Ain’t Nobody Coming to Save You!

We have been under the “Spell of a Savior” long enough and its time for people to wake the F*** Up! It frustrates me to no end how people are quick to put their faith and trust in a belief that has never been proven to happen EVER in history.

I hate to break it to a whole bunch of you, but Jesus is a myth. Christ Consciousness is real, but an actual living breathing Jesus from back in the AD time period is a fairy tale. Off the bat, J’s aren’t even in the Hebrew language, so the debate should stop there. Now, there have been several real people who have embodied Christ Consciousness and they’ve done marvelous things on this Earth. But none of those people every stated out of their mouth that they were sent to Earth to save humanity. Their message has always been the same, which is to teach you how to awaken to your true power, knowledge and learn how we fit into Divine Source’s plan to save yourself.

Now I’m going to list people that we know for a fact that walked this Earth that embodied Christ Consciousness based on their actions and teachings. Akhenaton was a pharaoh during Ancient Kemet who took on the dark priesthood to put back into the place the natural order of connecting with the Divine. In response, they murdered him and tried to wipe him from history. Malcolm X through the religion of Islam was awakened to the truth about “black” Americans and who the true enemies really were, which wasn’t the “white man” but the system that has been put in place to keep all of humanity asleep and docile. When he visited Kemet and was activated by being around the ancient cities, temples and pyramids, he came back to America teaching truth that he saw with his own eyes and they murdered him. Martin Luther King Jr. was a preacher that started to preach against how all of humanity was being treated, not just black people during his time here. They sprinkled shiny trinkets in front of his face, and he got side tracked by the glitter and gold. But when he met with Malcolm X and he relayed to him his discoveries and truths after his visit to Kemet, Martin started to push against the system. He preaches started to become more aggressive and directed at the government and the rulers of this realm, so they murdered Martin shortly after they murdered Malcolm. The common trend with people who have embodied Christ Consciousness is that they are male. When Christ Consciousness decides to materialize into human form it’s via a particular bloodline of women who hold certain types of gifts and abilities in their genetics, but this is a blog for another day. Also another trend is that once they are on this Earth they will be murdered over their messages and teachings. The same theme they gave to the Jesus fairy tale figure because they didn’t want to hide what happens to people who go against their system. It’s a warning to anyone else that wants to step out of line.

Now, I hate to break it to you but ain’t no aliens coming down here to rescue you. “Aliens” are amongst us and have been amongst us since before humans became relevant on the Earth. “Aliens” aka extradimensional, inter-dimensional, and physical beings that didn’t originate on Earth but now call it home are making things work and figuring things out while they are here just like we are. Many humans walk around believing the indoctrinations they’ve gotten from religions, school, books and the media that humans are the only intelligent species on Earth, in the universe and the dominant race; which couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, many of these other beings are higher vibrationally and maintained their higher level of technology, but other than that they’ve done what is best for them to stay off the radar of the beings that control our realm right now. They’ve moved to different realms within Earth to avoid many of the catastrophes and control programs that have occurred on the 3D realm Earth. Many humans are taught to believe that we are less than many of the beings that choose to interact with us, but once again that is incorrect. We are just as powerful and intelligent as them, but unfortunately, we’ve forgotten our true ways of being. We are no longer allowed to have access to the truth or know how to nurture our spiritual and physical gifts. All the documentation and images that show how we use to be more advanced has been removed from public view, destroyed, or hidden away in the Vatican. Yes, some beings have volunteered to assist us with breaking free from the control programs and our limited way of thinking and being, but to be our savior…..nope, that’s not an option on the sign sheet for them!

Finally, I hate to break it to you but you are your own savior. Everything you need to save yourself with is already inside of you. Because, the shackles that we really have on ourselves are mental not physical. The mental body is the medium between our spiritual self and our physical self. Change your mindset and you’ll change how you operate on the physical realm, because then you can directly connect with your spiritual self. Once you connect with your spiritual self, you can access higher levels of consciousness via frequencies and activate dormant genes associated with your gifts and abilities. But if you’re walking around here only focusing on how terrible things are, how limited you are and how you feel you have no control over what happens to you on the 3D, then you will continue to be a victim of society and under the Savior Spell. Once you accept that no one is coming to save you and its all up to you, you will start to see yourself as the key to saving yourself. The entire cosmos is in us, because we all carry the divine spark from Source. The human vessel was originally created to operate in the physical and spiritual realms simultaneously as a portal for energies to embody and experience. Unfortunately, other beings have intentionally messed with our energetics and genetics via experiments and by messing with the Earth energies, timelines and dimensions. They turned off some of our key genetics, but they didn’t remove them. So, all that we can be is still in us, we just have to activate it. Raise our frequency to connect with higher energies to turn our gifts and abilities stored in our genes back on. In the end, save our self by activating and connecting fully to Divine Source.

It is time to take full responsibility for what is happening to us while on the 3D and stop waiting for someone else to do it. For every 1 person that awakens and raises their consciousness and frequency, covers at least 7000 individuals. So, we’re not asking for every single person on Earth to awaken, we only need the chosen ones to. The ones that see through the control programs and know they need to do something. The ones that were incarnated here from other star systems to assist with humans awakening. The cosmic beings that are here that have signed up to assist as well. Is that you??


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