It’s Okay to be Special

We have been trained to always be in a constant state of internal battling. We are told one thing but our surroundings display something completely different. For example the word Special, when people use it we don’t know if we’re supposed to take it as a compliment or be offended. Because “special” has been coined as a term to describe someone or something that’s unique but also as a word to describe someone or something that is mentally or physically “off”, distorted, or not normal. I for one can say I’ve been dealing with an internal battle around being called special my whole life, because it was always associated with a but. You are very talented in dance but, you’re not what we are looking for. You are very creative and we love your foresight but, you’re not what we are looking for. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with us, but we don’t know where you fit in with our organization. You are very special and have a unique way to you but, you’re odd and don’t talk much and this list can go on and on. 

Society trains us to be in this constant state of internal battle by creating doctrine like the constitution, that states all people are created equal but then it supports slavery, classism, and sexism. We are all created equal within this paper doctrine, but in reality someone or some group is always held higher than another. Whether it’s an application for a loan, a school or job, they all ask clarification questions on your race, income, side of town you live on, level of education and so on, which is categorizing us and the information is used to determine how they will view us before they even meet us.

So, is everyone truly created equal? The answer is NO and that’s not a bad thing. We weren’t meant to be created equal and that’s where the internal conflict begins, and the rulers of this realm know this. The contradiction in their policies and government documents prove this. They know that everyone plays a role and a part, and some have a more significant role than others. But if the rulers of this realm can make us believe that we are all the same and equal, then the ones that try to move against the collective and excel into who they truly are, we the masses will do the work for them and pull those people back into line. Sounds very similar to Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, where the masses are so set on what they perceive as their reality that when someone comes along and challenges it with truth they attack that person.

If everyone was supposed to be the same, then why aren’t we trying to raise awareness to being equal to everything that has been created, especially since many use “God” as their determining factor to claiming that we are all equal. Why aren’t we equal to a horse, a tree, a rock, an atom and so on. “God” created all those things too, because if it’s about being equal under “God’s” creation, then you can’t leave them out. But it’s not and being created equal doesn’t fit absolute truth and the truth is we are not all the same and that’s the true divine plan. If everyone was supposed to be equal or the same, then the creation of the universe was pointless. If everyone was supposed to be the same, then there was absolutely no point in Divine Source wanting to experience. If everyone was supposed to be the same, then there would be no use for the frequency of Unity Consciousness.

Unity Consciousness. A perfect photo to show how each person connects their unique divine energy to the experience of All.

Unity Consciousness is the foundation for connecting us all to Divine Source. Our uniqueness as a human down to the uniqueness of a particle in the quantum field is what makes Unity Consciousness so powerful. Being able to connect with everything in the universe because everything has the same Divine spark that comes from Source within it. Finding similarity in each person and thing is more in alignment with Divine Source than trying to claim all are equal. As humans we don’t have the same consciousness level as an animal but that doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. It falls along the divine plan Source has for its experience. Divine Source’s simple but complicated plan is to experience all and it does it through all the unique creations that have formed since its decision to separate itself to allow creation to happen and develop as it seemed fit, hence the true meaning of Free Will.

So, being Special is ok, being unique is ok, being different is ok and going against what society tells us is normal for the collective is ok. We are not created equal and each and every single one of us has a role to play to create an adventurous experience for ourselves and Divine Source.


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