Conversation with A Celestial Mystic

I am having an online event. My Multidimensional Soul Intuitive Readings are $80 for an hour and Cosmic Clarity Consults are $45 for 45 minutes. But during this online event it’s only $10 to ask an unlimited amount of questions in 2 hrs. So, if you’re interested read the below and purchase a ticket via the link. Thank you!

No one has to wonder anymore about who they are and why they are here! We are in the Age of Aquarius aka the Age of Knowing and the Age of People Coming Online to who they truly are.

The secrets of the universe belong to all us now. In the Age of Aquarius there is no more only a certain sect of people or organizations hoarding the cosmic knowledge!

One of my tasks as a Chosen Awakening Soul is to assist others with their awakening and learning the truth about who they are and why they are also here as a Chosen One. But the main reason I am here is to share cosmic knowledge and insight with others that have been granted to me due to my birth rights and ancestral lineage to star races and earth races, such as the Blue Ray Oraphim and several indigenous tribes in the Americas, Africa and Australia.

If the following subjects intrigue you then come have a Conversation with a Celestial Mystic:

Dimensions, Timelines, Starseeds, Magic, Energy Work, Occult, Chakras, Stargates, Ley Lines, Shamanism, Gods and Goddesses, Destiny, Spiritual Gifts and Abilities, Global Happenings, Elementals, Genetics, Meditation, Aliens, Awakening and Activation, Cosmic Laws, Witchery, Spirituality, Breaking Generational Curses, Breaking Free of Religion, Astrology

  • Ask an unlimited amount of questions within the 2 hrs. This will be a round table environment, so each person gets a turn. The order will be determined by each person’s entry into the session.
  • This will be an open dialogue conversation, so please be courteous to others when they are speaking.
  • The event will be recorded, so it’s ok if you don’t write everything down or miss something.

How to Prepare:

  • Come with a list of questions you want to ask
  • Bring a notebook for notes
  • Have an open mind and heart

Purchase access to the event via the link:

Once you do I will send you a link to access the online event.


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