It’s a Strong NO For Me!

Church is a strong no for me and my children. I will no longer support a control system of slavery, falsities, oppression and plain out deceit that have scarred and tortured women, multiple indigenous tribes and cultures all over the world that were well established in their spiritual practices way before religion arrived.

I know there are many that will argue that there is some truth in the Bible, Quran or Torah. My rebuttal will be plain and simple, if it ain’t ancient I don’t need it. Revamps and tweaks to any truth to make it fit the society rules and agendas at that time should be a red flag. We are able to learn the truth about religion and the councils that were put in place to establish it and it’s books but people still follow these religions blindly. Like, why are there multiple versions to the Bible? No really, no one wants to question that? Because, the explanations they give don’t make sense. One version should do and when words are changed and info is removed to fit the author, the info shouldn’t be trusted.

Church is specifically done in a way to resemble a community but it’s a front. Humans need interaction and community and the control system called religion exploits it. Many don’t want to “leave the church” because they feel they will lose their since of community. All of their friends are there, all of their activities are there and so on. The sense of familiarity and fear keep many in the church. The programs of the family being passed down from generation to the next has replaced the ancient knowledge of spirituality with religion. The newer generations can’t even remember who they are and cling to religion because it stirs something in their soul that recognizes the gems they’ve mixed in.

Religion is a falsity built on trinkets of truth. That’s why our soul resonates with some of what religion entails. A small bright light surrounded by bullshit. So when I was asked to allow my children to go to church so they can figure out their beliefs on their own, my response was a strong NO. No need to feed them false indoctrinations, they already get that at school. Figuring out their spirituality starts at home and starts with me. And I have been specifically told that my family’s role in religion ends with me.

See, I have a lot of pastors and reverends in my family but also a lot of shamans, priestesses and priest. Two years ago, I was in an internal battle of the bloods due to carrying both in me and the pastors and reverends lost. We are no longer in survival mode and have to find a way to make it or get in good favor with society and the “masters”. My lineage will no longer be held to the karmas those ancestors caused when they chose to sell out.

The Bible’s used by enslaved preachers wasn’t the same Bible as the ones their owners used.

So, me and my children’s spirituality will be based on truth and ancient practices moving forward. And I hope many will continue to leave their churches to go back to their cultural practices and ancient teachings on our relationship with spirit and nature.


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  1. Marcanon says:

    Right on 🤟🏾. I’m glad I’m not the only one!! Church is a mental tap box, the moment I finally freed myself from religious grips it felt like a huge rock was off my shoulder. Free from religious Bullshit chains.

    It’s been difficult keeping my two daughters on my view but I keep at it everyday and they will love a better life without the weaponization of religion, bible and church.

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    1. Just remember free will, express your opinions but don’t force your beliefs on them. Let them make up their own mind.


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