“The Book of You“

I know one thing I use to always wonder about, even before I stepped onto my spiritual path, was my purpose. Why was I here? I remember having this question in my head when I was kid in elementary school, because school was hard for me. I didn’t fit in and I wasn’t interested in it. Yes there were subjects like science, math and gym that I absolutely loved but those other classes were boring.

What is my purpose is a question I get a lot from people who sit with me to have a reading. And the answer I give them isn’t what they want to hear, which is “TO LIVE”. But I know what they are really seeking to know and it’s why am I here, why this family, why these issues, why this body, is my life on the right course, is this job the one I’m supposed to be doing and so on.

But guess what? We all come to this realm with answers to those questions! We come down here with a decent laid out plan that matches us to a T. I call this plan the “Book of You” but others may know it as your natal chart. So you may ask, what exactly is a natal chart and why do I call it the Book of You?

Your natal chart captures how the planets, moon, asteroids, and constellations were aligned when you descended into your baby vessel and passed through the stargate in your mothers womb and was birthed on this plane. The energies from these cosmic bodies absorb into the vessel when the soul descends. These energies shape your life story for this lifetime and the angles and alignments with the cosmic bodies become your natal chart.

Example of a natal chart

A professional astrologer can read your natal chart and interpret the energies during a natal chart reading. Astrologers literally can read your chart like it’s a detailed book of you. They can look at the degrees, angles and alignments of the cosmic bodies and tell you your personality, the masks you wear to hide who you really are, the karmas for this lifetime, jobs that would best fit you, love and marriage, mommy and daddy issues, and the most important question, what’s your purpose? Very skilled astrologers can also pull out past lifetimes and spiritual gifts from a natal chart as well.

Now, you can read your natal chart on your own via sites like Cafe Astrology, but you’re not a professional. I can vow for the in-depth knowledge an astrologer can give you compared to reading a general write up by a site. Most astrologers are also intuitive, so they’ll pick up on additional information to give you based on your interaction. So with that said, I would definitely get a natal chart reading done face to face either in person or online. Gives you the opportunity to ask questions and dive deeper into your chart based on dialogue.

Create and read your own chart. https://cafeastrology.com/natalastrology.html.

Two astrologers I’ve used: Courtney Phillips and Judi Vitale




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