2023….It’s Here!

I haven’t written a blog in awhile and my apologies. There’s been so much going on and so many things I can write on I couldn’t pin it down to anything. One day I would feel like this subject was it then the drive would leave and another subject would emerge and so on. Plus, being caught up in a lot of the happenings is also draining.

So, I definitely wanted to write about the so called New Year and 2023. For all who don’t know the New Year doesn’t start when December ends and January begins. It’s not cyclically possibly since we are in a dark time in the earths cycle….winter. New life and new beginnings starts in Spring, not winter. But the festivities are way too fun to pass up so I did go out and celebrate with family and my hubby. And this is what motivated me to write this blog.

2023 is definitely the year to put in to practice all that you’ve learned spiritually. There’s no more just reading about it or talking about amongst fellow spiritual friends but actually implementing it in your life. The life we live in is a confinement of rules, regulations and restrictions. A life where society tells us how things are supposed to be and that we’re never to go against the grain and challenge the system. And with that I say F the system and let’s screw it up from the inside! Let’s stop thinking separating ourselves from it is the way to go. I come across so many people who become enlightened and start talking about living off grid, growing our own food, getting rid of technology and so on. Why? What will that solve? No one will ever be able to fly under the radar on this realm because as soon as we’re born we are data logged by our blood and tracked by our biometrics. Even the people who think they are living “off grid” are logged by the system as doing so. As long as you’re not trying to uprise against the system they will leave you alone. But best believe when you find a sustainable way to live off they system, they will show up and shut it down if you try to share it with others. And technology….it’s not the “devil”. We were way more technologically advanced before the uppers and beings that took over our realm hid it from us and destroyed, well tried to destroy, all evidence of our prior technology. Now, they just trickle out to us old tech and shine it up for us to make us feel like we are evolving. Bull! But why burden yourself with trying to change the system by leaving it. When the whole purpose of enlightenment is shining the light on the darkness. Changing what isn’t right and imbalance with the universe from within. And thats whats been going on for the last couple of years ever since they pushed that vaccine. People got feed up from within these different organizations and started exposing the truth, shining their light in the darkness.

2023 is the time to do that on every front. It doesn’t matter if you think you are irrelevant and not as important as someone else, stop putting yourself down based on society’s measures. We are all important, significant and all have a part to play to invoke change. From the simple receptionist at a dentist office to a executive assistance at a large banking firm, the light in both those receptionist are the same and can be used to expose the imbalance and create change. Stay in the system and participate in the games but now knowing the rules and break them. Go to the holiday parties and when they start praying to their God don’t participate or volunteer for prayer and speak your intentions in such truth people will want to ask you what your beliefs are. No longer be afraid to speak up for your beliefs when a corporation keeps pushing religion down your throat because they think that’s a moral part of their business. It’s not and it should no longer be accepted by employees who aren’t apart of that company’s religion to have to be subdued to prayers to gods that did their ancestors and culture wrong. No longer turn a blind eye to spiritual hypocrisy, especially of people using spirituality as a weapon against others or as a means to get rich. No longer sit back and allow the system’s rules be used against you. The same rules that cater to the rich and take from the poor. Start your for profit or non-profit businesses, create LLCs and trust funds and gain the same tax benefits as the rich do. Purchase vehicles and unit housing buildings under LLCs so you can write them off as expenses just like the rich. Create your foundations and donate large amounts of money to causes that create the proper changes and write those donations off on your taxes just like the rich. It bothers the hell out of me when I go into a large retail chain store and they ask me to donate to a charity. Naw, I can’t write it off on my taxes so why would I openly contribute to you using my money to write off a large donation to a charity on your company’s taxes. That’s the hustle and people fall for it all the time.

2023 is about doing EVERYTHING different and living in your truth. Turning this system on its ass and rising up against the ones that have kept us down for 1000s of years. 2023 is about no excuses! We all know the truth, we are all well versed in spirituality, read and watched plenty of videos of other peoples enlightenment to now have the foundation to walk our own path. 2023 is about being about it not just talking about it anymore. So, start with little changes or go big and go home with walking your truth. Either way by each of us no longer playing small, we are shining our light and spreading the correct frequency to undo the imbalance we have been living in for so long.

The beginning of 2023 should be your prepping stage for fully implementing your changes when the Spring Equinox arrives. Try your changes out, let now be a testing phase. Because, the true New Year, the true New Life and beginning of our earth life cycle is Spring. So you have time to prepare and start spreading your frequency of change ripples now!


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