Eclipse Season Downloads

Below are downloads I’ve gotten since the start of the eclipse season on 10/25/22. I wasn’t going to share them but something turned in me and said I should share some of the info that has been giving to me. Take in what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Thanks

Haiti – Our people, we are the same. A war, battle is coming. The battleground will be the US, Americas/Amarakas/North Central South America.

Orion – The cosmic war is becoming visible. Watch for a streak across Orion. Orion is the cosmic battle ground, the battle for the middle, the stargate that holds the upper and lower realms together. Orion is the 8th Dimensional place holder. The pin in the link of chains that holds the cosmic dimensions together.Battle for middle earth, like in Lord of the Rings is a As Above, So Below representation of the war for the Middle Dimensional Gate – Orion.

Lake Tahoe – is a portal, a stargate. 

Mayan Nation – that is not their name, they did not call themselves Mayan. Their language and what they called themselves are numbers and the numbers were later translated into letters. 8 and 13 are Sirius numbers.

The Flip Flop of the Cosmos – the cosmos move in a infinity loop. The Infinity Loop is a flip flop of the masculine and feminine and the cycle back to oneness. Everything started from source/one point/the dot then the division, the separation from source or pull apart occurs. Then the separation cycle pulls apart then merges back to oneness over a period of “time”. This loop is the movement of the cosmos to maintain balance. The Source, the Universe is about balance. The cosmos flips poles, so each side gets a turn. Good becomes bad, poor becomes rich, hot becomes cold and so on, then the cosmos merge back together into Source then flips to the opposite. The flip occurs every 36,800 years as they merge back to oneness. The cosmos flip of masculine to feminine, patriarchy to matriarchy will finalize in 2029. Women, matriarchy will be on top and men, patriarchy will be flipped.

Men will and have started to question their usefulness to women because society traps, rules and roles are no longer making sense. The religion doctrine of men first, men are head of household and other traps have begun to show their falsehood. Most men will become resentful and hateful towards the women in their life, but a small percentage of men will recognize their role in this flip and will see themselves as the stable foundation the women in their life must stand upon. They will become more catering and more supportive of the women in their lives. They will become more understanding that their woman needs to spend time in nature and have space to cultivate her gifts that are coming online. Some men who become activated to their truth will not be hindered in the flip. They will see their woman becoming the queen of the household as beneficial and a necessary to achieving and maintaining balance. As women going through the flip we need to be understanding to the delicacy our men are going through during this time too. The ego is fragile so supporting your men through this time is necessary to assist them transition into their new seat of power…. as the solid foundation and protector of the woman.


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  1. Zoneiak McGee-El says:

    Peace Chrissy,
    In your Eclipse Season Downloadz you said watch for a streak across Orion.
    I literally just saw the streak go across
    Orion right now, here in California on 11/15/2022 at around 8:30P westcoast time. When I read that in the Downloadz, I said to myself “I’m gonna see it” because I sky watch and Orion risez right outside my living room window from the “East”, and here we are 11 dayz later and I get the feeling/thought to look out my window and the streak immediately goes from betelgeuse to regal at a slightly upward angle. You are Super on Point, now I know I’m bout to have an even Greater dream than usual tonight. This is the Greatest time to be alive! Thank you for deciding to share this knowledge.

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