The Galactic Talk and The Cosmic Owl….. Scorpios!

I wrote the blog Your Spiritual Team last year and one of the businesses I acknowledge in the blog is The Cosmic Owl. Courtney is a great astrologer and has great insight and delivery when she relays information she sees in your charts. Last night I was honored with introducing her on The Galactic Talk for her interview. I was then asked to stick around and I took that as an opportunity to expand on her gifts and relatable information, but also to learn.

During her interview she speaks on Scorpios and some of the traits and things they’ll have to deal with according to the energies in their natal chart. Man I was blown away with this information because it resonated. I’m a Scorpio rising and she stated that a person with a sun, moon or rising/ascending Scorpio are prone to these certain things.

One of the things she stated Scorpios are prone to are difficult births for the child and mom. First it resonated because I thought of my pregnancy with my first born Scorpio son. He was a week and a half past the due date and I wasn’t going into labor, so they tried to force me into labor. First by giving me oxytocin and trying to force me to dilute. Every time the oxytocin would run out the contractions would stop and I only ended up diluting 3cm. The next morning they decide to break my water to see if that makes me go into labor and nothing. The hospital shift changes and a new doctor comes in to get brought up to speed on my labor and he takes one look at my belly, feels the size of the baby and the size of my hips and says “there’s no way that baby is fitting through there. He has more sense than y’all. Get her in for a c-section ASAP since y’all broke the water”. So yeah, 2 days of trying to make me go into labor and force contractions for it not to do anything and end up having an emergency c-section would be called a difficult birth for the baby and mom for sure.

Then I thought of my own birth and that’s when it really hit. My mom almost died having me due to massive amounts of blood loss and then when I was birthed I instantly had a seizure and never got the required baby and mom bonding time that is needed as soon as a baby is born. I was quickly whisked off by doctors to try to figure out why I was seizing. So, during Courtney’s interview I was able to find out more about myself and why I had the experiences I’ve had.

Getting your natal chart, your literal Book of You read by a professional is a requirement for your spiritual journey. Not just a time reading but get it down at least annual so you can be prepared and know what the years energies have in store for you.

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