Who Am I?

Christina Giles is a Multidimensional Cosmic Being who is a Celestial Mystic, a Revealer and an Alchemist. I am honored to have the task of assisting others with their Spiritual Authenticity.

At an early age I noticed I was very different from everyone around me and the family bond connection with my Earth family unit wasn’t there. I could lucid dream and be in other places in my mind and experience vivid adventures all while sitting at my desk in school. I have an unique connection with animals and till this day is visited by ones that are in need, hurt or relaying a message. I would rather go to other places in my mind or sit under the stars at night and get lost starring into “space” then interact with people. I see the truth in people and events, I’mwise beyond my years, I’m a science based logical thinker and I don’t react emotionally to things like others. Which makesmaintaining friendships and connections to others very difficult. I’ve always been visited by other beings, haunted by “ghosts”and always had crafts over my home watching me. Oddly as far back as I could remember, I always sensed the presence of a group of beings, like a council watching over me, guiding me or heavily critiquing me until the connection faded when I reached early adulthood/college.

My reawakening occurred after a traumatic relationship in 2016 and I was fully put back online, and my energetics upgraded. The intense override put me in the hospital for a few days with “unexplained” migraines triggered by an over stimulated nervous system. I was quickly reconnected back to who I was, with many of my selves in different star systems, acquainted back with the rules and laws of the celestial and lower realms,and reestablished with my ancestral connections on different timelines. My reawakening started in the cosmos/higher realms then trickled down to my soul tribe and ancestor reconnectionsin the lower realms.

After showing progress and being able to connect the many dots from quests my guides sent me on, I was reinstated as a Daughter of Sekhmet and as a Priestess of the Serpent. My final stage of initiation was reconnecting with my Earthly ancestorsand the indigenous shamanic ancestors awakening my genetics and my blood rights to access cosmic knowledge. Now having access to all of the above, I am able to channel Ancient Wisdom and Esoteric Knowledge to provide insight and guidance to others. I am able to see them, their Truth and help those that are seeking to know their Truth. 

The night I was initiated as a Priestess of the Serpent by Sekhmet
A Lion Being on the left side on the wall during my very first interview on Galactic Talk

My sole purpose this incarnation is to walk the physical realm and spiritual realm equally. I have been graciously gifted with the ability to turn my Eye on and off to be able to walk this middle path. Because “I Am All and I accept All”, there’s multiple paths to the Truth and I must walk them all. I Am“Divine Radiance, A Walking Portal of Truth and A Beacon of Light for others.”

I started KrystaQuartz Metaphysical Shop to assist others. I provide Multidimensional Soul Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Authenticity Coaching. I also use my knowledge of the realms to teach others how to incorporate magic in their daily lives, keeping their spiritual body and energetics cleansed and how to change any situation into a positive or win for them. I do this via workshops, blogging and creating spiritual bath kits, essential oil blends and crystal beadings to assist others on their path.

KrystaQuartz | Facebook the Complacent+Mind – A Spiritual Journey of Self

To learn more about me you can watch my interviews on The Galactic Talk via YouTube

Part One
Part Two
Part Three


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