Spiritual Retreats – Resting Your Body So Your Soul Can Breathe

The realm keeps us in a constant state of distractions. Work, kids, bills, responsibilities, and expectations that have been put on us we have to live up to that we didn’t agree to. A lot of people like to live in a state of constantly doing, doing and doing, because then they don’t have to face their truth or hear their soul telling them what their ego doesn’t want to hear.

Why do people have to be so busy? Why do we have to be constantly on the go? Why do so many people feel uncomfortable doing nothing? Because, within that going and doing you get to hide from yourself and the rulers of this realm know this. They like to keep us constantly distracted and on the go, so you never take to the time to question. Question why society is the way it is, why we have to follow these rules and laws that go against our natural state of being and why we’re doing things and working jobs we don’t even like. Through all that hustle and bustle there comes a time when your soul has had enough and will shut your body down, so it can breathe and be heard. When that occurs, that’s when a spiritual retreat is needed.

Spiritual retreats come in so many variations and agendas from yoga retreats to shamanic journeys with mushrooms. Those types of spiritual retreats are very good for people that feel they need that type of spiritual journey in their life. But what I’m talking about regarding a spiritual retreat is booking a getaway from your normality that is catered to your needs. For example, I have a friend that I had a heart to heart discussion with a week ago. Most of my friends know I have abilities and that I do spiritual readings, but I never use my abilities on them unless I get the sense that their soul wants me to assist them. It’s kinda like being able to read minds but purposely not doing it until a person gives me permission to do so. So, during this conversation I knew that her soul wanted my assistance and I gave her Her Truth. I helped her to see the positive in a work situation that was going left, the games that were being played that she didn’t even realize was being done and how to make this situation work in her favor. In addition, her mental health was becoming affected by this job that we established wasn’t even what she wanted to be doing in this stage of her life.

The end solution was her needing to put in vacation days ASAP, go to the ocean and just be for a couple of days because her soul needs to breathe. I told her that this needs to be a solo, all inclusive trip so she didn’t have to worry about anything. Book an excursion, a massage and they only thinking she can do is when she’s writing in her journal about her bucket list. I didn’t want her to think about work or any of her troubles, just the things she wants to do that she’s never took the time to do. The best part about that conversation was that she listened and it aligned with what her doctor and other friends was telling to do too. So, the alignment of the universe helped her do what she needed to do for herself. Now,I’ve done lots of readings and most clients I never see or hear from again. So, when I’ve given advice similar to this to others, I never know if they do it. But in this instance the person did and it delighted me. Not only did I give her what her soul needed, I was also able to help her book the trip she needed at a very reasonable cost for being last minute and at a “platinum VIP” status resort. So yes, this is a promotional blog, because I am a travel agent and the main reason I became one was for moments like this. I found her an adult only, 7 day/6 night all inclusive trip to Plata Del Carmen, Cancun and booked her an all inclusive tour bus trip to Chichen Itza.

I learned something very valuable from my friend, that a spiritual retreat isn’t always these in nature, yoga, healthy eating, meditate 5 times a day vacations. Sometimes a spiritual retreat is just getting away for a couple days from the mundane world and being by yourself in another country with white sand beaches and beautiful water. So I recommend all that are on their spiritual journey to take time to learn who you really are away from others and away from your normal day to day routine, on a beach with beautiful water or up in the mountains with fresh air and nature all around, preferably in another country. And when you’re ready to do that, think of me and my ability to assist your soul and your pockets when booking your trip.

For anyone who’s soul wants to book a yoga, meditation, shamanic journey, visit chakra/portal point landmarks in areas like Sedona, AZ or Egypt, I can put that together for you as well.



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