Wepwawet, “The Opener of Ways”

While doing a Multidimensional Truth Seeker Guidance project for a client after their Soul Intuitive Reading, I was given the below photos due to this object being given to them in a strange fashion and the person feeling like the object was spiritually connected to them.

After receiving the pictures my mental went on a quest and I started googling away trying to find out what this object was and if the statue was Anubis as the client stated. Immediately I noticed the ears and the face of the being and Anubis wasn’t what I was getting. I say I got the photos at 8pm and around 11pm I decided to go to bed. As I’m laying their I get uncontrollable anxiety and the feeling I need to finish my research. Long story short I stayed up til 3am researching the statue,?the glyphs and discovered the below.

The statue is an ancient deity named Wepwawet that has been forgotten and replaced with Anubis. Not all dog or jackal head images and statues are of Anubis. Wepwawet is gray or white with blue hair. Also, there are no Anubis links to any of the goddesses but Wepwawet is linked to Hathor.

Wepwawet and Hathor

I noticed that the statue had praying hands and that is not a characteristic seen with any of the Anubis statues or images on temple walls or statues. I was able to find other statues that look like the client’s statue on Etsy but none had the same hieroglyphs. Also, the female image under his praying hands is Isis-Hathor. Hathor has the sun disk in between the horns with a cobra third eye and Isis has the 2 plumes with a vulture third eye or head dress. That female image has concepts from both deities. Hathor is the “mother” goddess.

Isis and Hathor

The 2 sites below were very interesting and a very good starting point to learn more about Wepwawet, The Opener of Ways.



After doing extensive research on the glyphs of the clients statue and the glyphs on other statues I found similar to theirs, I found that the client’s statue is legit and the ones I found on Etsy are not. The Etsy statues hieroglyphs are not the same and I see them as random and having no meaning at all. The glyphs on the client’s statue actually reference Hathor/Het-Heru (I was told to use her kemetic name). I zoomed in the image and it’s worn but what I circled is Het-Heru’s glyph, the horns. I threw in some additional images that came up when I searched for Wepwawet’s hieroglyphs.

Client vs. Etsy, glyphs are different
Hathor/Hey-Heru Glyph

I love doing esoteric research and the client’s response to what I found makes me feel really good. As I stated above, I do Multidimensional Truth Seeker Guidance and if any of my readers are interested here’s the link to read more on what i do. http://www.etsy.com/listing/801005232

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