True Love

Love is a choice not a feeling. Those butterflies in your stomach from a love interest may not be a “loving” feeling but actually anxiety and fear. I always had issues with my feelings. I was actually called a Robot by a former therapist because my emotional response wasn’t normal according to her. I would try to go by people’s actions and not the feelings they give me, especially when it came to relationships. Unfortunately, alot of my bad relationships, that I stand in longer than I should have, is because I tricked myself into believing they loved me. I went by the feelings they gave me or the sweet nothings they told me and not by their actual actions.

Society controls the world’s concept of what true love is. They bombard us with fairy tale love stories via Disney as kids and romantic comedies as adults. Once you reach a certain age and watched so many of these types of movies, you can see the plot a mile away. All these movies push the same theme, “love is a feeling” and “love and pain go hand in hand”. Both of these purposely conveyed themes and concepts that are false.

I never viewed love that way and even when I watched Disney movies as a kid I never understand why so much tragedy had to occur to “find” true love. I always knew that love was a choice and not a feeling. But in my early adulthood, I did pair love and pain together. Society had told me all my life that this is how love works. Even my mom encouraged me to stay in fucked up relationships because of “love”. When she suggested it when I was with my abusive ex, I knew I had been directed down the wrong path of love all my life. Her response wasn’t logical or came from a place of love.

I’ve always knew in my heart that this thing called love was way more than society shows us. Love is a choice, not a feeling. To reference the Christ, his act of self-sacrifice was a loving choice and not based on feelings. Because noted in the Bible, there are numerous verses where he is asking god why? or telling god he doesn’t want to do it and is there another way. When people decide to partner up, the reasons they decide to stay with that person for better or worse is based on a choice. In sickness or health, once again is a choice. I Do or I Don’t!

True love is divine love. Divine love is cosmic universal love. With all things, all is energy and cosmic love is a high vibrational frequency, an energy state that is the same regardless if it’s on earth or on the 13th dimension. It’s an energy frequency that can change the unchangeable and penetrate the impenetrable. Divine love is something that everyone can experience, if you can let go of society’s rules on what love is, looks like, feels like and that it should be partnered with pain. Disregard the Disney princess and romance comedy love stories they stuff down our throats. It’s a program to give you a false sense of what love is. Cosmic, universal love is unconditional and a choice to give and receive. A divine frequency that is always seeking open hearts to activate and align with the divine. It is our connection and way back to being in alignment with the divine. This love isn’t subject to someone’s behaviors, beliefs or acts. It is what it is and nothing can change what this real love is or supposed to be, not even the controllers of our realm.

Divine Love Frequency

Just to clarify, divine love isn’t a pushover or apart of the love and light false agenda. Divine love is apart of divine feminine. And the divine feminine can be as soft as Quan Yin or as fierce as Sekhmet or Kali, so divine love is the same. It’s an energetic frequency that will operate as it must to bring a situation or person back in alignment with the divine. Spank a disobedient child or hug a disobedient child. Depending on the child, one of these ways will correct them back into alignment to their mother’s will, the divine feminine will that always aligns with the divine source.

Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion/Aspect of Divine Feminine
Sekhmet, Goddess of War and Destruction/Aspect of Divine Feminine
Kali, Goddess of Death/Aspect of Divine Feminine

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