Melanin Popping

Mongolian Spots are a form of birth marks that is prominent in African and Asian descendant babies that are blue to green color. Unfortunately, as more and more information is coming out about what melanin is and how important it is to hue-mans existence, the correlating stories about what is happening in the Black community to unwanted babies is starting to make sense.

Statistically, there are more abortion clinics (Planned Parenthood) in black, poor communities than you’ll ever find in white, poor communities. Why is that? History tells us that there’s an outright plan to rid the Earth of “blacks”, so the founder of Planned Parenthood joined other underground organizations to put this plan in place by targeting the beginning of the life cycle. Easily accessible aborted fetuses, mainly targeting up to 5 months. Things are never as they seem and never as we think them to be.

Learning that Monogolian Spots are highly concentrated areas of melanin and 90% of black babies are born with them…..why not create an industry to collect melanin in its purest form “legally”. Abortions are legal and a choice, a choice that is paraded as a movement of women’s rights on the surface but a money making black market item underneath. What could they use melanin for and how are they getting it to do these studies?

Aborted babies are sold on the black market, to medical facilities for research and to the pharmaceutical industry for drug and vaccine components. I provided some links to start your research into this subject, so feel free to learn this truth for yourself and not take my research as your truth.

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