Intro to Spiritual Baths

Today I taught an introductory class on Spiritual Baths. Where I reviewed the science and metaphysics behind spiritual baths and their purposes. Check out each video and let me know if you have any questions.

True Love

Love is a choice not a feeling. Those butterflies in your stomach from a love interest may not be a “loving” feeling but actually anxiety and fear. I always had issues with my feelings. I was actually called a robot by a former therapist because my emotional response wasn’t normal according to her. I would…

Melanin Popping

Mongolian Spots are a form of birth marks that is prominent in African and Asian descendant babies that are blue to green color. Unfortunately, as more and more information is coming out about what melanin is and how important it is to hue-mans existence, the correlating stories about what is happening in the Black community…

Truth Telling Time🤗

I’ll be spilling my Truth this Sunday Feb 6th on The Galactic Talk. This is a very big step for me! If you’re free Sunday join or watch anytime afterwards🤗