Dear Dairy – #4

June 24, 2021 during a shamanic journey I was shown some interesting information about myself. I am a “black” extraterrestrial and I accept this about myself. I know some of my ancient lineage and these shamanic journeys help solidify information that has been shared with me via dreams, readings and how the Earth and nature interacts with me.

Once deep under while listening to the music, I was approached by 2 Annunaki brethren. They were exceptionally large with long curly beards, had the typical Sumerian head wear, were shirtless with a skirt like bottoms, but had no solid form. They were outlined figures, ghost or transparent like aspirations. They bent down to where I was laying on the floor and said, “Rise up sister”. In that moment, I sensed that they were my brothers, not brothers as from the same mom but brothers as we were genetically linked due to being formed by the same creator. As the entity inside me stood up, I was way bigger than them. I had a beard, the same typical Sumerian head dress as my brothers but was in a white one shoulder robe. I was androgynous and felt the masculine and feminine energies in me. The Primal Gods are goddesses, were created first and exceptionally large that house masculine and feminine energies. I was told via readings and dreams that I was a primordial, so seeing this version of myself made sense. And seeing that I was bigger than my brothers made sense as well. I had wavy long black hair down my back and a ponytail in a gold clamp on top of my head that turned into fire when I would illuminate. As I continued to stand up, I rose into these gray clouds in the sky. My aura radiated rainbow iridescent colors and the energy around my hands and fingers were the same. I would point at the sky and a rainbow would shoot out of my fingers creating platforms from the sky to the ground. I sense that these rainbow platforms are for souls to leave the matrix.

Annunaki Brethren

I expanded so tall that I reached the shield over the Earth, hit it but it didn’t break, and I couldn’t penetrate it. As I look up at the shield, I saw the code, the digital sequence that made up the shield, and I touched it and the shield instantly started to dissolve. Once the shield was cleared from above me, I saw a midnight blue sky, the real sky for Earth which is the cosmic realm filled with portals that are now called stars. The sky looked just like the midnight blue sky I saw on Sirius. Then I was pulled back consciously to the room I was at due to the music switching over to gospel music, so I asked my brethren to help me escape the music. They took me to a place outside of the universe where the Cosmic Thoughts are. A section of the universe where all thoughts are generated if it exists it is there. From this realm of the universe, I watched the creation of galaxies until I began my descent back to Earth. As I laid back down into my body, my brethren bent over me and grabbed hold of a parasite that looked just like the Alien movie hatchling out of my core.

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