Your Spiritual Team

Every large corporation has a board, every wealthy person has a team and every superhero has a crew of experts to help them have clarity within the chaos. So, why wouldn’t the same be for people like me and you? Yes, I’m including you the reader, because you have to be an enlightened soul to be reading my blogs.

Due to the times we live in right now, there’s a lot of people waking up to their spiritual gifts and they want to share them with the world. So use it to your advantage and find people with specific gifts that can assist you on your path.

For example, I wanted to understand my purpose, my gifts and learn my true self, so I found readers that could give me different types of readings. I’ve gotten natal chart readings, starseed readings, akashic readings, ancestor readings and obi readings. Some readers I randomly came across on Facebook and others I met through someone else. But the end goal of these well discerned encounters was gaining spiritual insight about myself.

With the over saturation of metaphysical and spiritual businesses, take advantage of it and find legit people that can assist you, especially the people that know you are here on earth to fulfill a mission. And if you’re trying to start your own spiritual business, don’t feel discouraged due to how many people that have one or anyone close to you starting one too. Everyone has gifts and have the right to help the collective awakening and upliftment as they see fit. But just know, everybody isn’t for everyone. You will attract to you the ones you’re meant to assist.

Here’s a list of readers I use to assist me:

The Cosmic Owl – Astrologist

The Hebrew Mystic Healer – Akashic

Indigo Angel – Starseed Natal Chart

Ms. Jasa Johnson – Shamanism, Energy Work

4.19 Inc – Ancestors

Judi Vitale – Astrology

Let people who are skilled in gifts differently than yours be of council to you.

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