The fear is real and it’s very disheartening. I was on a call today with a few black mothers and unfortunately the conversation took a turn to the dark side. The dark side being the never ending topic of the year…..CVD. When asked why I wanted to be in the discussion I mentioned wanting to talk to other black mothers about the pressures of motherhood, working and trying to weigh my options regarding the mandates. That statement sent us straight to the dark side. The entire conversation from that point on was about everyone’s feelings about CVD. It got to the point I had to message the convo leader and apologize because I did not want this convo to be about CVD.

But an interesting thing happened during the conversation. A lady interrupted us stating she was being triggered by our conversation. When she started to talk and explain her reasoning, I was annoyed and disheartened by her responses. She described how since CVD hit she refuses to go outside unless it’s to the store, how she took her children out of daycare to keep them safe, and she and her family took the shot as soon as it was available. The fear in her eyes and in her voice was so real. And within that moment I checked in with myself and I was triggered. Triggered by the fact that this lady had succumb to the fear the media has been pushing in our faces about CVD. Triggered by her admittance of getting CVD even after getting the shot and her justification for still supporting the shot was that her viral load was less than what it would have been if she didn’t get the shot. WTF! How would know that? Just regurgitating shit a doctor told her with no proof. If you got the shot you’re not supposed to get the disease the shot was for! So, if your main reason for getting it was for your child and everyone in your household still got it…..what was the point?

All things start in the metaphysical/spiritual and then manifest in the material. The physical attack that’s occurring here started in the spiritual first. And the spiritual implications of the shot is being started in the physical. People are out here throwing away their spiritual nature and their divine make up out of fear. Even spiritualist are out here claiming sovereignty, love and light, positive vibes while sliding through the quick stick drive thrus. You can’t be a true sovereign being, know who you truly are, know the importance of protecting your genetics, mystical marvelous shaman priestesses or whatever you want to call yourself and still get the shot. It’s a hypocritical move and shows that your live according to the matrix and fear rules you, not your sovereignty.

It really does sadden me to know so many people are throwing away their sovereignty for vacations out of the country, going to concerts, money, etc. But as I write this, people are already devaluing themselves for these “freedoms” so why would it be any different for a shot. The illusion of freedom, because even though they took the shot they still have to where a mask, get tested or screened to go to any of these events or to leave or enter the country and so on. You got the shot to still be treated as if you didn’t! Once again, what was the point?

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