Name Yourself

I was driving along a well known street in Pittsburgh and I saw the side street Allequippa. When I saw the name I felt anger and disgrace immediately. Alliquippa, the original spelling, is the name of a native Queen from the area that was killed when the oppressors wanted western Pennsylvania. Queen Alliquippa was the queen of the Seneca tribe that lived along the three rivers spanning all the way down to McKeesport and up to the city now called Aliquippa. Then the question came to mind, “why do these oppressors name countries, states, streets, etc. after the names of the people or a person they’ve killed?” Like I always say, when you ask questions you will get answers.

Queen Alliquippa

Soon after asking the question in my head, I received the following: “They rename after the person or people they’ve killed to be able to access their energy and manipulate it to their will.” This makes complete sense to me. You see in fictional or sci fi movies all the time how a person or being would kill their opponent then take or absorb their energy. For example, Mortal Kombat has a fighter that literally sucks the soul out of their opponent when he defeats them aka absorb their energy. Even the Aztec warriors would eat the heart of their rival to absorb their life force after they defeated them. These movies and cultures know the metaphysical significance of this practice, so a course the higher ups would know too.

To relate this to why the defeated names are used to name the oppressors countries and streets, comes back to the importance of people’s names. There is power in a name, what they call themselves and their family or tribe name. There are cultures where the mother consults with the towns shaman to assist her with naming her child, because of how significant naming is. Your name is literally giving the power or energy you contain within your material body a title. And with that title or name the energy is giving it’s foundational purpose. That’s why names should be giving with a purpose, because what you name that energy is how that child will radiate it in her or his life until they learn how to name themselves energetically.

When the oppressors killed off the tribes and key figures in history, they were performing magic death. Referencing my Magic Death blog, when a person is killed with a purpose within a ritual or spell, the energy from that death can be used to continue the spell associated with that ritual. If the energy released from the death is powerful enough it can rip a tear in time and space so every time the month and day of that persons death comes around that energy will automatically replay the ritual to harness energy from people who acknowledge the anniversary of the death. So, regarding Queen Aliquippa, every time a person sees or says her name, they give energy/power to her name which is then used at the will of the oppressors that were given reign over this area of Pennsylvania.

Just like one of the strongest and most powerful tribes of the Amaraka (Americas) was the Illinois tribe. Not only did the oppressors murder majority of the warriors of that tribe, they then named the land they took from them Illinois then named the capital after the tribe’s chief they murdered, Chief Checaugou. The oppressors given reign over that area uses that tribes powerful energy to create death and chaos in the city of Chicago amongst the lineage of that tribe or what many would call the black and Latino people living in the ghetto and poverty stricken areas of the city.

Chief Checaugou

Just like how Queen Khalifa, who was the guardian of the waters which housed the energy tower that was the main protector and portal connecting this planet to Sirius X, was not only murdered but was tricked and humiliated by the oppressors. Then they named the land they took from her and her tribe California; which was the name of the tribe aka black people who were of that land. Queen Khalifa and her people were so powerful and so connected to the land that the oppressors can’t control their energy. And it helps that many of the Black Californians remember who they are and have fought to be recognized. If you ever wondered why there are so many natural catastrophic events happening in California, this is why. Queen Khalifa and her murdered people are using the elements and nature to fight the oppressors. Those earthquakes, droughts, fires and landslides happen because of Queen Khalifa and the Californians fury and rage.

Queen Khalifa

“There’s power in your name and your identity. When you do not know yourself, the world can call you whatever they want. Give you a story, dress it in a bow and feed it to whoever will eat it. Within minutes, destroy your existence and create a new one. Such is the work of a “god” but if you do not view yourself as god-like with the same abilities, you will believe those who do are more powerful than you.” – Lovecraft Country Episode 7 “I Am”

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