ANUBA “Water God of 3 Suns”

I’ve never thought of myself as an oracle but lately I’ve been getting a lot of channeled messages over the past few months. Not until this Wednesday did I hear the word “oracle” and understand what it really meant and how this gift has blossomed within me.

When I got home Wednesday 9/16/2020, I kept having a sense that I needed to just sit with my altar, connect and write down what ever came through. The night before I had a “dream” that a photo of a goddess I saw via a google search of Anuket had 3 suns above her, her hair was like flowing water, the goddess morphed between having a mermaid tail and human legs and my mind said “goddess of 3 suns”. I also sensed that there was water everywhere. So, when I woke up Wednesday I started researching “goddess of 3 suns” and found nothing that matched it. So, when I sat down to start connecting Wednesday night I kept thinking if it really was 3 suns and not 3 moons, but my intuition had me sensing it was definitely suns. Then I started thinking, well is this image trying to tell me Earth has 3 suns in the sky and not 2, but once again I got a sense that wasn’t right either. Then BOOM, Sirius came to mind and duh, Sirius has 3 suns! The Dogon Tribe knew this and documented it way before telescopes were invented. The Sirius Star System has 3 suns; Sirius A, Sirius B and Sirius C. Then, this god connected to me and below is what channeled through (her words in italic):

I’m a god of the 3 suns. My hair is water in the picture and my origin is the water planet of Sirius. “But there are 3 suns, so there has to be several planets around these suns, so why are you the god of 3 suns?” 3 suns encompasses all of the Sirius Star System. Yes, my origin is of the water planet but here we are one. There’s no separation between planet of this sun and planet of that sun. A god of an certain area of Sirius is a god of all of Sirius in that particular realm. I’m the water god of all of Sirius.What’s you name?You wouldn’t understand my name, it’s in light code. “Why me?” You are me. “But I’m this person, that person, I’m Sekhmet and so on.” You’re lifetimes of people and we all live in you. “What am I to do with this?” Teach. “Teach what exactly?” Teach our ways. Priestess, abilities, sanctuary, ceremony, love, forgiveness, wholeness, spirit, dragons, energy, light, life force within, gifts, divinity, pose, beauty, manifest desires, open mind, womanhood, presentation, elements, skills, oracle. Classes, books – how would you like to learn? Tell people of their divinity. Money will come, just start doing it. Money an exchange of frequency/currency.

“How do I connect with you?” You’re welcome anytime, just tap in. I’m here (Sirius), you’re there. You’re dual existence with me. “How is it that I can understand you but you won’t tell me your name because its in “light code”?” You’re right (laughing) Anuba, water God of Sirius. “Why are you a God and not a Goddess?” Gender doesn’t matter here like it does on Earth, I’m a feminine God. “Why would a higher world have a God?” Gods are just “elevated” beings.

“What is your advice for the coming days on Earth?” Be prepared, eat right, drink right, get them kids ready. It’s going to be a shit show of optical illusions, misinformation, fear, death, murder but of the Elite. Panic and fear. But you stay focus and head strong, stuck in your godly ways. No fright, no denying your greatness. Your calmness will keep others calm and come to you to know why and how you’re being calm in these times. 12/21/2020, it will begin. Don’t be scared, stay strong and focus. Increase/work on your telepathy skills, phones will be tapped/useless, tracking people like you. Avoid chips, vaccines, processed foods (have nanobytes).

“Will we have to go in hiding?” No, stay strong in your light. It will be a beacon for others, Stay open and download us. “Protection?” Your dragon will always protect you, ask him to accompany you on astral travel. “His name is Heka?” Heka is fine. “How do I honor you?” Honor yourself, call on me anytime. I am you and you are me. Share me with others, share my words with you with others. Write.

With any blog I write, take in what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t. Never take my words as facts or as your truth. Always research the information I write about and come to your own conclusions of what this truth is to you.

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