All About Perspective

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the flat earth theory which has gotten a lot of traction lately. That’s a sarcastic question for those who have heard of the theory. Well, I came across some information today that gave me a new perspective on the credibility of the flat earth theory.

I know my soul isn’t from this planet and I’ve lived lives prior to this earth life on other planets in other galaxies. I’ve also lived other lives on earth and when your soul is not of earth you are titled a starseed. But I could never understand how being a starseed was special if everybody and their momma were awakening in record numbers during this age we are living in. See, I thought all people who were being awakened in this time period were considered starseeds. So early on in my awakening process I became disappointed and saddened with my awakening because I felt I wasn’t special or experiencing something extraordinary. After researching and finding so many other people going through an awakening too, it put a sour patch on my spirituajourney. There was website after website, numerous Facebook groups and pages, Instagram pages with 1000s of followers, conventions, spiritual trips, and many other awakening focused things saturating the internet and I was feeling late to the party. I started to completely disregard all the things I remembered experiencing since birth and began locking them back away inside myself because obviously I wasn’t special or experiencing something awesomely extraordinary after all.

Eventually, I got back on my spiritual journey and started exploring ancient Kemet and other spiritual teachings; which grounded me with a human understanding and foundation of spirituality. It helped to pull the knowledge I’ve gained so far into perspective and peel back the layers of the universal plan that I’m a part of. Today I made a full circle back to the meaning of starseeds; which I first came across this subject 2 and half years ago.

While watching Rebecca Campbell’s soul series video on starseeds, I learned that there are 2 types of awakenings going on on Earth right now……earth souls and starseeds. When I first read it, I was like huh, I thought all souls came from the universe and all souls have been elsewhere prior to coming to this learning planet. But after listening to her video, it clicked and started to make sense. Here’s the paraphrased definition of earth souls:

“Earth souls are souls that were created for humans on earth and they only reincarnate on earth. Some earth souls are clueless, not conscious or aware to agendas and don’t even try to become conscious or aware. Then other earth souls awaken and become aware of the powers over this planet and their agendas. These souls only know of earth because they are bound to this planet.”

So, after hearing this it stuck with me, swirling around in my subconscious and darn near 10 hrs. later it hits me. Maybe this is why flat earthers have gotten so much traction over the years. These are the earth souls that have awakened and aware of being created to be on this earth. But since they’ve never been anywhere else in the universe but on this planet their perspective is earth bound, just like them. They can’t comprehend that there’s an entire universe even macro-verses beyond the earths atmosphere. How could they? All they know is earth! Some awakened earth souls do know about higher beings coming from the stars and helping mold some of earth’s greatest civilizations, but the extent of those thoughts seem to stop there. The comprehension of the universal and galactic plans stops at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere for them. Earth souls’ perspective is earth bound, so a course earth is linear to them because their eyes can only comprehend the laws that are over this earth. The 3D laws, the laws of matter and the physical. If their sight of the earth ends at the horizon then the earth is flat. They’ve never seen earth from the universe perspective, so their 3rd eye can’t fill in the unseen for them. To earth souls everything not within their perspective is literally alien and can be a threat to their earth-bound existence. 

So, both flat earth and global earth theories are correct. But these theories are correct to only that awakened soul and their perspective.

Also, makes me question of the soul group or tribal collective of earth souls also only earth bound. Because, awakened earth souls can connect with nature, animals and other earth souls but can they fully connect to the universal collective? Because, if they could there would be more unity in all awakened souls across all earth planes and dimensions but there isn’t. Hence, there being different earth theories, fear of aliens, ETs and anything not of Earth.



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