Catharsis II: Laughter

Funny Mommy Story Time!

dog waste

One day during my oldest son’s soccer practice, I went on a walk with my youngest son on the trails. During our walk we talked about a lot of different topics while we passed a lot of other walkers with their dogs. We came upon a trash can specific for dog waste and my son asked me what the trash can was for because there was a picture of a dog on it. I proceeded to tell him that the trash can is for dog poop. I then pointed to the little plastic bags on the side of the trash can and continued to tell him that people pick up their dogs poop and put it in these certain trash cans.

The look on my son’s face after my explanation was very troubling to me because I couldn’t understand why he had a look of confusion. So I asked him what’s wrong, do you not understand something. My son then says “So people pick up their dogs so they can poop in a trash can?” I stare at him for a moment and then bust out laughing. I don’t know how my explanation confused him to that conclusion, but man that boy was so serious with that question I just had to laugh and so did he.

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